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CHI Royal Treatment Body Wash



Royal Treatment by CHI gives you everything you need to achieve beautiful hair using the finest quality ingredients. Achieve perfect balance and harmony with rare and exotic ingredients of White Truffle and Pearl, which have been coveted by the nobility of ancient civilizations and since for their amazing effect on hair and skin.

Luxurious, rich lathering body wash and bubble bath duo gently cleanses the skin while replenishing moisture and softness. The unique blend of ingredients indulges the skin in luxuriant suds. Use as a bubble bath allowing the moisturising and nourishing benefits to absorb in, leaving skin feeling silky and renewed.

How to use

Apply desired amount onto hands or loofah and then apply to the body for an intense hydrating shower gel. Apply desired amount into bath water to produce lavish bubbles that provide moisture to the skin.

Product code: ROTW12


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